Tag: closing well

20ft dry standard used purely for storage / CSC not valid

Availability on request. * used * storage quality (no CSC approval for export) * dents, dings and corrosion * wind & waterproof, tight-fitting doors * often various colors available * wooden 28 mm floor *There is a chance that one or ...

10ft dry standard new / not CSC qualified

availability on request. * new, ex-works * storage suitable (no CSC inspection for export) * Wind & watertight, tight-fitting doors * lock box on door in favor of shielding of lock (also available from us) * color blue (RAL5010) ...

40ft dry standard used / CSC qualified

availability on request. * used * Wind, watertight * CSC-valid for export * properly closing * 28mm wooden floor It's very likely that one or more of this type appear in the “Discount Containers” list.