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we offer you experience, customer service and quality at a competitive rate


ContainerBoxes4Sale, has been a supplier for 15 years, with great service and
a favorable price-quality ratio, while customer-friendliness is our motto
From cooling/freezer container to standard or special containers.

Deviating dimensions? ContainerBoxes4Sale modifies to your wishes.
We sell and let for example: special projects, offshore (sea)containers, event containers
(cooling units/sanitary units, checkout units) and storage containers. Your problem will become our problem, your obstacles become our challenges!

ContainerBoxes4Sale containers is a supplier for carriers, wholesalers,
construction industry, small and medium-sized enterprises, but of course also for private individuals.

The ContainerBoxes4Sale transport service can transport your container(s) and place them using a self-unloading crane. Of course at a reasonable surcharge. Often even within 1 to 3 working days.

Rent of buy a sea container? View our discounts with a small selection of single containers which we can offer at sharp prices.

ContainerBoxes4Sale Containers: purchase or rent sea containers?

ContainerBoxes4Sale is a specialist in the area of container sales and rental. You can purchase or rent new as well as used sea containers. We deliver from different locations in The Netherlands. The sea containers are used for export, construction, storage, relocation, cordoning, events, such as a freezer containeretcetera.

delivery by truck and placing of your sea container by use of a crane throughout The Netherlands is of course part of our services. An experienced team and adequate stock allows us to supply fast, effectively , but also affordable. You can rent or buy any volume and any type of sea container, and often also within different price categories. Do you want to purchase or rent one or more sea containers? Then contact us, please.
“ContainerBoxes4Sale containers, your containers”


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