1x 20ft (6 meters) container with complete kitchen, power, air conditioning, wicket door, windows, insulated

PriceFixed price
Outside size6058 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Weight empty4900kg
1x 20ft (6m) standard high container with various customized modifications Container number: BATU2022024 color: gray Especially for potential clients looking for a sea container with kitchen, power, air conditioning, etc. This 20ft container is of course wind, watertight and very suitable for permanent storage. Custom modified by a recognized company in Dubai. Also CSC qualified, and thus suitable for export. This container is 8.6ft (2.6m) high.

– 1x wicket door
– 3x sliding windows with steel construction
– entirely insulated container
– heavy fuse box electricity, lighting
– Carrier air conditioning, movable by use of rails
– complete kitchen incl. customized extractor and lockable in favor of shipping
– under the extractor there is room for a table top refrigerator with an electric four
– burner stove
– hot water boiler Guaranteed good and solid quality.

Nice looking on the outside and inside. Our prices are exclusive of 21% EU-VAT (sales taxes), free loading onto your transport from our depot. Delivery by truck, and unloading with a crane is possible of course, at a surcharge. In contrast to purchase from, for example a private operator, we offer 100% inspected containers. The entire construction (including the bottom) has had a full check-up. Are you interested in these container(s)? Simply fill out the adjacent form. Wanna come and take a look at the container(s)? Call us for an appointment. Don’t forget to mention the container number, please! Subject to availability. Sold means sold.