various (6 meters) insulated (ex-cooling/freezing) containers in perfect condition / for condensation-free storage

Price € 3.895,-
Outside size2991 x 2438 x 2591 mm
Inside size2380 x 2260 x 2190 mm
Door size2260 x 2130 mm
Weight empty2300 kg.
Weight payload7000 kg.
Unfortunately, this container was sold. 20ft (6m) ex cooling/freezing reefer/sea containers in proper and fine condition for storage. contact us for the sharp day price!! of € 4.695,  for € 3.895,-  !! Especially for the potential clients looking for a good insulated container at a reasonable price. These used 20ft former cooling/freezing containers are absolutely wind, watertight, have tight-fitting doors and are suitable for permanent condensation-free storage. Entire structure of good and solid quality, also the interior is in fine condition. Often also equipped with 2x forklift brackets and thus easy to relocate. A good insulated container for many years of convenient use. The engine was entirely removed and the opening was properly sealed with insulated sandwich panels This container is 8.6ft (2.6m) high   Our prices are exclusive of 21% EU-VAT (sales taxes), free loading onto your transport from our depot. Delivery by truck, and unloading with a crane is possible of course, at a surcharge. In contrast to purchase from, for example a private operator, we offer 100% inspected containers. The entire construction (including the bottom) has had a full check-up. Are you interested in these container(s)? Simply fill out the adjacent form. Wanna come and take a look at the container(s)? Call us for an appointment. Don’t forget to mention the container number, please! Based on availability. Sold means sold